In the printing business, there’s always a problem that you have to figure out how to solve. As we move into the digital world, this has never been truer. We considered several options, but some were second-hand and didn’t have the capabilities that the COUNT FC114A did. It performs well and fits into our processes. It is saving us a lot of time, in fact the time saved on 2,500 printed pieces is about an hour. We didn’t have to set it up on the letterpress, which normally takes 40 minutes to set up jobs. On short runs, it’s quick, and it runs carbonless glued sets great. We’re just beginning to learn everything it can do.

Todd Lejeune, Trosclair Print, Inc.


I’ve had COUNT machines in my copy store for over 10 years. I’ve never had to place one service call; these machines are really reliable and have saved me a ton of money over the years. Thanks for such great products.

Jeff Whiteman, Color Images

CountCoat GT UV Coater
Auto Pro Plus II

If your equipment shows to be on par with your company effort to support us, it should prove to be a no-brainer. You guys are all very responsive and easy to work with, which is very important to us as a dealer.

Bryan Sachs, Precision Graphics Inc.

Professional Print Finishing Equipment Dealer
Green Bay, WI