Commercial Print Finishing Equipment

Whether you’re a small franchise or quick print center, large university or corporation in-plant, Martin Yale is sure to have a solution for your commercial printing needs with two of the most trusted brands in the industry.

  • Creasing, Scoring, Perforating, Numbering and Folding

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  • Automatic laminating machines (ALM) and Wide Format Laminating

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...for In-Plant or Print Shop Solutions.

Your Solution for In-Plant and Print Shop Finishing Equipment

Do you print on digital stock? Do your finished materials need to be folded? Do you use a creasing machine?

Explore our commercial line of COUNT™ print finishing equipment and let us help you choose the machine that’s right for all your creasing, scoring, perforating, numbering and folding needs.

Creasing, Scoring and Perforating

  • Choose from a variety of machines that either do just creasing or perforating or all 3 in one
  • Choose from manual hand feed, automatic friction or vacuum paper feed systems
  • Choose from tabletop or larger floor models

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  • Choose from the first and only stand-alone automatic knife folder- the ideal complement to a slitter/cutter/creaser or
  • Choose an in-line folder add-on that mates up to your existing creasing machine

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Creasing, Scoring, Perforating and Numbering

  • Choose one easy-to-use machine to meet all your finishing needs
  • Choose the friction feed tabletop model or larger vacuum feed floor model
  • Choose the FC114ASP model that makes strike perforating easy for 2 and 3-part partitions

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Your Solution for In-Plant and Print Shop Laminators

Whether you laminate smaller runs of printed flyers or larger jobs of wide posters and long banners there is sure to be a DryLam machine that is right for your in-plant or print shop. If you don’t currently offer lamination, explore the DryLam commercial product line and learn how easy and affordable it is for any printer and start laminating today.

Automatic Laminators (ALM)

ALM 3222

  • Feed, laminate, trim and stack up to 13” x 19” double-sided documents all in a single pass.
  • Depending on your volume of lamination, the ALM machines can pay for themselves in 5 months or less.
  • Flush cut or custom border trim
  • Film variety (Gloss, Matte, Soft Touch, 1.5, 3, 5 & 10 mil)

Commercial Wide Format Laminators


  • Various machines that can handle from 18” up to 63” laminating widths
  • Thermal and PSA (cold) laminate film available
  • Roller gap can handle up to 1” thick substrate
  • Film variety (Gloss, Matte, 1.5, 3, 5 & 10 mil)


Find a Machine That Suits Your Needs

Contact Martin Yale today by calling 800-225-5644 to tell us more about your specific needs, and we’ll put you in touch with a dealer who can help!

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