An easy-to-use machine for accurate high-speed perforating and scoring.

The COUNT™ PerfMaster Sprint is a simple-to-use top-feed perforating and scoring solution that gets the job done quickly – with speeds of up to 12,000 sheets (8-1/2″ x 11″) per hour.

You can easily set up for a wide range of paper stocks, and switch from perforating to scoring in seconds. You have 5 different interchangeable perf wheel options, including 2 microperf options. Top friction feed allows you to produce thousands of sheets per hour.

Parts fit models PMS and PMS220.

  • $24.14

    M-OF2661 (see WRASAAM0930)

    upper forwarding roller (6 total)

  • $43.12


    Belt, 95 T dble sided belt-motor drive

  • $12.08


    switch- ON/off switch

  • $4.84


    O ring – Feed drive

  • $74.82

    W-ASAPP00163 Micro Perf Blade 26-1

  • $41.04

    W-ASAPP0141 Standard Perf Blade 5-1

  • $41.04

    W-ASAPP0143 Standard Perf Blade 9-1

  • $41.04

    W-ASAPP0144 Standard Perf Blade 12-1