Martin Yale Helps COUNT Dealers Close More Sales with Personal Touch

While some might think selling with a personal touch is no longer as important as it once was, Marty Boone of Finitura Inc. has a story that may change your mind.

Martin Yale Industries, manufacturer of COUNT™ print finishing products, has partnered with authorized dealers to sell its COUNT branded line of creasing, perforating, scoring, folding and numbering machines. Many of these dealers realize the importance of performing live machine demos to showcase the machine features in front of their customers. One such dealer was recently able to turn a demo into dollars.

A Tough Decision – Which Creasing Machine?

Marty Boone of Finitura Inc., formerly Boone Business Products, a COUNT dealer who sells print finishing equipment, had a customer looking for a paper creasing solution. The customer, Fairmont State University, needed to bring a creasing machine in-house, as the way they were currently handling creasing was causing the paper to crack, creating a less than professional look.

Since there are several manufacturers of creasing machines on the market today, Boone’s customer was faced with a challenging decision as to which machine would be the best fit for his particular print job needs and budget.

Boone knew the COUNT machines would be a great fit but also knew that doing a live demo would speak for itself and help him close the deal. Boone didn’t have a demo unit at the time, so he decided to call his COUNT sales representative Michael Boarman to arrange an in-person demo. Boarman loaded an EZCreaser machine into his car and drove from Indianapolis to Pittsburgh to meet with the dealer and his customer.

Boone was able to show the customer the features of the EZCreaser machine and the simple HMI user interface that’s found on all the COUNT machines with automatic setup.

Seeing the AccuCreaser in Action Guided the Decision

What happened next? After thinking further about the quantity and types of creasing jobs they run, Fairmont State University decided to purchase the next machine model up, the AccuCreaser. Because of the common HMI user interface, they were able to easily understand how this larger floor model would also function but knew that the air feed system would much better serve their needs. “Normally, it would take much longer to close a sale,” says Boone. “When they’re making a decision to purchase a machine that’s in the $10K range, it can take a while to make that call. This moved much more quickly, primarily because they were able to see the machine in action.”

While he was on the road with the machine, Boarman arranged two additional in-person sales calls working in conjunction with other dealers. One customer bought within the week. The other COUNT dealer is well on the way to closing the last of those deals, as well.

“By bringing the equipment to them, it helps them make the sale,” says Boarman. “We want dealers to know that they can be more successful by getting us involved. Our success with these three demos resulting in two POs in a week, which equals nearly $20K worth of equipment sold, is evidence that this in-person approach works.”

“Being able to touch it and try it makes a difference,” Boone said. “While the trend in some industries may be moving away from providing a personal touch, this underscores how it still matters. Face-to-face sales calls can be very effective, especially when you leverage the COUNT team’s expertise to your advantage.”

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