Announcing the NEW! Dyna-Cut

Martin Yale announces the launch of their new Dyna-Cut rotary die cutter system.

Martin Yale, a leader in the design and manufacture of print finishing and paper handling equipment announced on Thursday the launch of the Dyna-Cut, their new rotary die cutting system.  After spending nearly two years in research and development, the Dyna-Cut by Count will be making its debut during Print 19 in Chicago.

In an industry competing to fulfill customer demands for unique and differentiating print finished pieces you will find rotary die cutters proving their worth.  John Davis, V.P. Sales and Marketing for Martin Yale, commented, “Rotary die cutting provides print service centers with immense flexibility in the design of finished pieces which can be specifically tailored to the customer’s request. Additionally, with the low cost and quick turnaround time for the flexible dies, finished pieces can be delivered to the consumer in a matter of days.’’

With the launch of any new product, getting a strong pulse of market demands, shortcomings and opportunities is an absolute and the new Dyna-Cut was no exception.  Research and Development began back in 2017, at which point Martin Yale quickly realized there was an opportunity in the market for a high quality, aggressively priced, made in America rotary die cutter that would spec out well against the competition and the Dyna-Cut delivers exactly that.  “We took our time through the developmental process to ensure we had a clear vision of our customers’ needs and that we kept a ‘cut no corners’ mentality during the entire design and build stages.  The result is a rotary die cutter capable of competing against any single rotary die system on the market but priced tens of thousands below competing models”, says Greg German, President, Martin Yale.

About Martin Yale:  For over 75 years, Martin Yale has led the industry in the designing, engineering and manufacturing of high performing paper handling and print finishing equipment. Our dealers and customers agree—working with us provides the right products at affordable prices with world-class support, guaranteed.

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