Paper Punches

Master® is the name synonymous with high quality paper punches and especially heavy-duty, higher capacity punches. We have a full line of punches that will make work life much more productive with less exertion.
You should be able to choose the punch that meets your every day needs at work or at home.
From our innovative line of electric battery operated desktop punches to the padded handled heavy-duty punches and the high capacity punches that save valuable time, we have the paper punches for you.
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Master® 1325B Hole Punch
Master® 1325B Hole Punch Lever handle punch provides easier paper punching for up to 40 sheet..
Master® 1340PB Hole Punch
Master® 1340PB Punches up to 40-sheets of 20 lb. bond paper. Adjustable punch heads for conve..
Master® 3020B Hole Punch
3020B 30-Sheet Hole Punch Punches 30 sheets of 20 lb. bond paper. Adjustable 30-sheet 2 or 3 ..
Master® 325B Hole Punch
Master® 325B Hole Punch Large capacity paper chip pan keeps work space clean. A leve..
Master® 3275B Hole Punch
Master™ 3275B Hole Punch Large capacity chip pan for easy clean-up. Punches up to 40 shee..
Master® 5000 Series Hole Punch
Master® 5000 Series Hole Punch Adjustable ruled paper guide ensures exact centering. Adju..
Master® 525M Hole Punch
Master® 525M Hole Punch Ideal for use in hospital administrative offices, nurses' stations, doc..
Master® DP20 DuoPunch™ Heavy-Duty Two-and Three-Hole Punch
DP20 DuoPunch™ Heavy-Duty Two and Three-Hole Punch No screwdrivers or thumbscrews needed, no a..
Master® EP210 Electric Hole Punch
  Master™ EP210 Electric Punch Handles up to 12 sheets of 20 lb. paper, quickly and q..
Master® EP312 Hole Punch
EP312 10 Sheet Hole Punch Punches 10-sheets of paper consistently without jamming. Designed f..
Master® EP323 Duo­™ Electric Paper Punch
EP323 Duo™ Electric Punch Master® Duo™ Electric Paper Punch will allow you to punch either 2 o..
Master® MP250 Hole Punch
Master® MP250 Hole Punch Punches up to 40 sheets. Padded handle helps cushion hands when punc..
Master® MP3 Hole Punch
​Master® MP3- 3 Hole Punch MP3 punches through 20 sheets of 20lb paper with ease.   ..
Master® MP40 Hole Punch
MP40 30-Sheet Hole Punch Large capacity paper chip pan and non-skid base. Soft to the to..
Master® MP50 Medium Duty 3-Hole Punch
MP50 Medium Duty Paper Punch by Master® Perfect addition for home or office.  40 s..