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How can I become a distributor for Martin Yale/Premier/Master/Mead Hatcher/Intimus products?
Can I buy direct from Martin Yale?
What is the F.A.I.M. Program?
What is Martin Yale's warranty?
What type of support do you provide for your products?
How do I buy parts?
How do I find a servicing dealer?
Where is my nearest dealers?
How do I get non-warranty repairs?
How can I get a demonstration of a Martin Yale product?
How can I purchase Martin Yale/ Premier/ Master/ Mead Hatcher products?
How do I arrange warranty repairs?
The content of my letter is being sliced by the blades of my letter opener. How do I keep the content from being cut?
My cross-cut shredder will not take as many documents as it once would. How do I increase the capacity?
How do I learn to operate my Martin Yale equipment?
What do I do for a folder that is jamming?
When feeding sets into my folding machine the paper creases of jams, what can I do?
The paper is folding crooked on my folding machine. How do I stop this?